Give Your iPhone 7 Best Protection with Full Grip iPhone 7 Cases

The iPhone 7 is one of the most popular mobile phones. It has amazing features and looks. But while it is an incredible piece of tech to have it in your pocket, it is important that you protect it from damages and keep it prim, proper, scratch free and stylish. And the best way of doing so is getting a case for one's mobile. Although there are many iPhone 7 cases available, there is only a handful of them that are actually, worth buying. One of the best options is the Full Grip cases. Full Grip cases are the best way of protecting your phone from accidental falls and drops, and also maintaining the look of your iPhone 7. In this article, we will tell you all about Full Grip Cases and why they are the best choice for your iPhone 7.

Why should you buy the Full Grip iPhone 7 cases?

When you are thinking of getting a case for your iPhone, the most important thing you should keep in mind is to choose a shock absorbent case that can protect your phone from any sort of damage if it falls. The Full Grip iPhone 7 cases offer this quality along with many other amazing qualities. These Full Grip iPhone 7 mobile cases are usually made of three types of materials, namely TPU, Crystal and Tempered Glass. The TPU cases are very dense and are made of smooth rubber which makes it easier for the user to slide it in and out of the pocket without attracting any lint. The Full Grip Crystal Cases are made of dual materials - one is flexible TPU edges and corners and 1.5mm hard plastic back-plate and offer full protection to the device. And the Tempered Glass Case provides hybrid protection all around the phone. All these three Full Grip cases offer many amazing properties like elasticity, resistance to oil, abrasion, and grease, transparency etc.

Features the Full Grip iPhone 7 cases provide:-

  1. Are lightweight
  2. Are available in three colors: transparent, pink and black
  3. Have a slim design
  4. Are scratch resistant
  5. Have precise cutouts that help increase the functionality.
  6. Very easy to clean

The advantages Full Grip iPhone 7 cases offer:

  • They provide high transparency and also offer clear view design
  • They offer a very firm grip on the phone
  • They provide amazing protection to the device and are also shock absorbent, shatterproof and scratch proof
  • As they are made of high-quality material, they are tough, flexible and smooth
  • They are resistant to dirt, grease, abrasion
  • The Full Grip iPhone 7 cases are built in such a way that the user has access to all the buttons easily without having to remove the cover
  • They have raised bezel that keeps the camera of the phone totally functional while helping raise the screen and the camera surface.
So, if be sure to buy
  • Jan 17, 2018
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