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Samsung is one of the most popular Android mobile brands which offer really amazing mobile phones. The looks and features of Samsung phones have always attracted a large number of people. However, just buying a Samsung phone is not the end of the story. It is important that you protect it. There are many cases which provide the good protection but we suggest you to go with custom Samsung cases as they not help protect your phone from damages but also give it a unique and trendy look. Even if you own a very simple Samsung phone, buying a custom made Samsung case can elevate the look of your phone. With custom-made phone cases you can also promote the good health of dogs. Available in three types, K9, IPO and, Full Grip custom made Samsung cases are the best way to protect your phone while making it look stylish.

The Three Types of Custom Samsung Cases
The Samsung custom made cases are of three types: Full Grip, K9, and IPO. The K9 Phone cases offer amazing high-quality phone case image which brings out the aesthetics of the case and helps you stand from the other low-resolution image cases in the crowd. The custom Samsung cases of IPO type provide amazing image shape to the phone and make it look all artistic without manipulating and stretching the photos. The Full Grip cases provide fantastic alignment of texts and they are designed in such a way that they compliment the natural look of the phone. They are available in three different colors: transparent, black and pink.

Materials the Custom Samsung Cases are Made of :-
The Samsung custom made cases are made up of three different materials.

  1. The first is TPU. TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane cases are made of up a combination of soft silicone and hard plastic and they are very dense. They can be easily slid in and out of the pocket, without attracting any lint as they are made up of smooth rubber.
  2. The second type of custom Samsung cases is the Crystal cases. They are made up of dual materials i.e. TPU around the edges and hard plastic plate at the back. They are highly transparent in nature.
  3. The third type of cases is the Tempered glass cases. They provide overall protection to the phone and are also made up of TPU, PC and tempered glass.

Benefits of the Different Kinds of Custom Samsung Cases

  • They provide overall protection to the phone and are shock absorbent and resistant to scratches and shattering
  • They have a slim and lightweight design
  • They have high resolution images, amazing text alignment and provide great image shape
  • They are easy to clean and give easy access to all the buttons

Buy the Best Custom Samsung Cases from us

We at K9 Phone Cases sell the best Samsung custom made cases. These cases apart from giving the utmost protection to your phone also help in expressing the affection you have for dogs. The profit we earn from selling these cases goes for the better health and care of dogs. So buy these custom phone cases and help make a good change.

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