Full Grip iPhone 7 Plus Cases are very helpful for Smartphone Protection

Have you already bought an iPhone 7 plus or are planning to buy one? Are you all set for making others envious of your amazing new phone? iPhone 7 plus is an amazing phone with many fantastic features and superb looks. But that’s not enough, you need to keep your phone safe from scratches and other damages. And the best way of doing so is using Full Grip iPhone 7 plus cases on your amazing and stylish iPhone 7 plus. The Full Grip Cases have amazing features and benefits and are available in three colors: black, pink and transparent. These cases help in protecting your iPhone 7 plus in every way so that your phone stays prim and proper. Full Grip cases are the best cases for protecting your iPhone 7 plus as they offer many benefits.

The Three Amazing Types of Full Grip iPhone 7 Plus Cases

The Full Grip cases for iPhone 7 plus is available in three beautiful colors- pink, transparent and black and are of three types.

  • First are the Crystal cases. The Full Grip crystal cases are made of dual materials - that is flexible TPU edges and corners and a 1.5mm hard plastic back- plate. They help provide full protection to the phone.
  • The second type of Full Grip iPhone 7 plus cases are the TPU cases. The TPU cases are made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane which is a hybrid material and a combination of hard plastic and soft silicone. The TPU cases have a smooth rubber that helps it to slide in and out of the pocket of the user very easily and that too, without attracting any lint. The TPU cases also provide ultimate protection to the phone and are very elastic.
  • The last type is tempered glass Full Grip cases. They are made up of Tempered glass, TPU, and PC and provide amazing protection to the device. The back of this case is coated with a silicone adhesive that allows a simple and bubble free application. All of these three Full Grip cases provide amazing protection.

Highlights of the Full Grip iPhone 7 plus cases

  • All the three types of Full Grip cases are scratch resistant
  • All the Full Grip cases provide superior protection
  • All the above cases are available in three colors- pink, black and transparent
  • All the three types of Full Grip iPhone 7 plus cases have unique designs that allows them full access to the buttons easily without removing the skin
  • All of them have a slim and light weight design

What Makes the Full Grip iPhone 7 plus cases so Popular and Amazing?

  1. The iPhone 7 plus Full Grip cases provide a warranty of 6 months
  2. They provide high transparency and help preserve the natural look
  3. They are scratch resistant, dirt and stain resistant, etc.
  4. They offer a comfortable grip on the phone
  5. They have accurate cut-outs which helps expand the functionality

So, protect your iPhone 7 plus with none other than Full Grip iPhone7 plus cases.

  • Jan 26, 2018
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