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Here’s an amazing iPhone case from K9 Phone Cases to keep your phone safe and secured. This black iPhone 7 Phone case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane which is a hybrid mixture of hard plastic and soft silicone for better durability. It is particularly designed to accentuate the beauty of your phone. It offers easy access to all buttons and other controls as it is perfectly designed for the model iPhone 7.

Let your phone be protected against the grease, oil, and other dirt from your hand. This black iPhone 7 Phone case gives you multiple benefits. While it protects your iPhone from oil and grease, the phone case does not hide the beauty of your phone as it is transparent. It protects your phone against all types of scratches as well. The cover provides complete protection for your phone in case of accidental fall or abrasion.

This black iPhone 7 Phone case is 1.5 mm in thickness so that it looks sleek and slim. It weighs 22 grams which means you can easily carry it. It is highly transparent and the phone will have the original look. The product costs $ 19.99 and is quite affordable. The case comes with a warranty of six months.

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