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This IPO black iPhone 7 phone case is ideal for the iPhone 7 models. The case offer superb protection for your phone against accidental fall. It is made of smooth and high quality tough tempered glass. So your phone is protected from all kinds of dirt and stains.  

The IPO black iPhone 7 phone case is aesthetically beautiful and accentuates the appearance of the phone. Your device will fit in the case perfectly. It features a bezel to life screen and camera surface. Although the phone is inside case, your flash will be fully functional. It is flexible, elastic and smooth as well.

The phone case is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane for extra protection and better durability. It is resistant to scratch, shocks, etc. It is scratch resistant both inside and out.  Plus, the case includes a raised ridge to provide a clean presentation. Also, it will assure a pristine appearance for the phone. In fact, your phone will be safe, secured and look beautiful with the black iPhone 7 phone case.  The case from K9 Phone Cases comes with a six-month warranty as well.

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