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Keep your IPhone 7 safe in this beautiful black iPhone 7 Phone case from K9 Phone Cases. Made of hybrid material called thermoplastic polyurethane, this phone case comes with many features. The material gives you a comfortable grip for the phone. It is super-flexible, elastic, transparent, and light-weight to carry. It has got superb reviews from its users as well. It protects your phone from accidental fall, scratches, abrasions etc.

This K9 black iPhone 7 phone case is brilliantly built with equal importance to aesthetic and usage. It allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports. You don’t have to remove the skin to get access to the buttons. Your IPhone 7 will perfectly fit in this black iPhone 7 case. The phone will be safe inside the attractive black case but the flash and camera surface will be fully functional.

This TPU case is transparent so that the beauty of the phone is not hidden. The case is 1.5 mm in thickness. It weighs 22g in weight. It is absolutely light-weight and comfortable to carry anywhere in your hand bag, pocket etc. Also, the company offers a warranty period of six months for this black iPhone 7 phone case.

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